Two Stellar Performers in the Spotlight
Mar 22

Two Stellar Performers in the Spotlight


We typically highlight one outstanding Vibe Concepts performer on a routine basis. This month, however, we have two excellent team members to recognize. Mike and Brittany are the brand experts in the spotlight, as they’ve both been elevated to higher positions in our company. Mike is now an assistant manager, while Brittany was promoted into account management. We take pride in our commitment to professional growth, so there’s a lot of excitement around our office right now.

Andrew, our Vibe Concepts President, noted that Mike is an extremely hard worker who has the first-one-in, last-one-out mentality when it comes to his daily efforts. Brittany, our President, is diligent and takes a hands-on approach to every new challenge. She also has a keen eye for detail that really helps her stand out from the crowd. We’re confident that these two high achievers will continue reaching new heights in their careers, taking the businesses we promote along for the ride.

One key behavior Mike and Brittany practice is setting clear goals for personal and professional growth. They know how important it is to visualize successful outcomes, so they clarify exactly what it is they want to achieve from the outset. By doing so, these two standout team members set themselves up for steady progress and long-term success.

We’re lucky to have driven pros like Mike and Brittany in the Vibe Concepts office. Like us on Facebook for regular updates on their achievements.