Some Tips for Having Your Best Interview Ever
Oct 12

Some Tips for Having Your Best Interview Ever


The secret to acing a Vibe Concepts interview isn’t really a secret at all: it requires preparation. Which is great news, because we live in a world where information is literally at our fingertips. This means that candidates should always feel confident and prepared when speaking to one of our hiring managers.

If the idea of studying before an interview comes as a surprise to you, we have some Vibe Concepts suggestions. First, expect to spend anywhere between three and four hours absorbing the company’s blog and social media pages, plus reviewing their website. It’s also a good idea to find out who the company leaders and managers are, and learn a little bit about them as well. LinkedIn is a useful resource for this purpose, and it gives you the opportunity to appreciate any content these people might have created or added to their profiles.

Also, look for the specifics of the role for which you’re applying. This will provide an edge when answering questions because you’ll be able to tailor your answers to the needs of the position. Practice your responses out loud, so you can speak confidently when the time comes. On the subject of questions, be sure to have some of your own. Preparing four or five for the person doing the interview shows that you’re excited enough about the position and company to be curious.

We want every individual seeking to join our organization to feel good about themselves and their career prospects when they walk through our door. To find out more about our interview process, check out our Vibe Concepts Newswire feed.