Start a New Career With Us in 2019
Feb 8

Start a New Career With Us in 2019


A new year is the perfect time to capitalize on those resolutions, including launching a satisfying career. And there’s no better place for someone with an interest in sales and marketing than Vibe Concepts. Our promotional specialists are hitting home runs every day for the businesses we represent and building their own professional profiles in the process.

Because Team Vibe Concepts has had such significant success this year, we have room to grow our high-performing crew. We’re looking for fresh new talent to join us. If you’re someone who wants to seize an electrifying opportunity, we want to hear from you. The chances to design a career in our fast-paced industry are endless and we offer the right resources to help you maximize your growth potential.

It starts with training, including mentor-focused coaching that ensures our newest people cultivate the right skills and mind-sets to excel in this field. We take them through the paces of campaign development, from initial meetings with brands to execution of our strategies. As milestones are met, our team members are tapped for bigger and better things as they move into leadership roles.

We’re confident we have the right learning environment to help anyone thrive. But what really drives success are the traits found in the people we seek to hire. We look for qualities such as a growth-oriented mind-set, high levels of motivation and enthusiasm, self-confidence, and of course, a hunger to succeed. If this describes you, we need to meet.

Our next hiring initiative is around the corner. Check out the Vibe Concepts Newswire to be the first to know.