Project More Confidence Through Public Speaking
Feb 22

Project More Confidence Through Public Speaking


Ask anyone if they’re ever truly comfortable speaking before a crowd and you’ll likely get a chuckle. Public speaking is one of those skills that we all could benefit from some practice and sound advice. As we’ve noted at Vibe Concepts, however, there are clear advantages that come from confident presentation abilities. We become better at connecting with others, sharing our thoughts in a way that drives others to act, and building strong rapports.

In today’s business world, more employers value candidates who are articulate and effective. To ensure our people are poised in prose, some of the public speaking skills we impart in our Vibe Concepts training program include:

• Make It About the Audience: We should always consider the needs and desires of those to whom we’re addressing our speech. Remember, it’s about them and encouraging them to respond accordingly. We’ll have much more success if we tailor our presentations so that they can relate.

• Watch for Feedback and Apply It: When we’re speaking before a crowd of one or 100, we should be attuned to the body language they’re projecting. Look to see if people are engaged and paying attention and have a plan to adapt quickly if not.

• Let Your Personality Shine Through: Audiences are most in tune with and trust speakers who appear credible. This means being our authentic selves.

Our business model depends on everyone on our team developing effective communication skills. Follow Vibe Concepts on Twitter for more presentation tips.