One Way We Stay Ahead of the Curve
Sep 28

One Way We Stay Ahead of the Curve


We pride ourselves on being proactive around the Vibe Concepts office. Leveraging every opportunity to sharpen our skill sets is a way of life for us. We’ve found that our commutes are ripe for ongoing development and everyday inspiration. Here are a few ways we maximize the time we spend getting to and from work:

• Audio Inspiration: We listen to motivational podcasts to prepare ourselves for the day to come. There are so many options, including shows hosted by and featuring interviews with some of the most innovative minds in the business world. On the way home, we might listen to a humorous podcast to unwind.

• Setting Goals: Focusing on our objectives for the day is a productive use of our commute time as well. We might also think about how our short-term goals align with big-picture aspirations. Either way, we’re more inspired when we arrive at our Vibe Concepts workspace.

• Free Thinking: Sometimes we just let our minds wander as we make our way to the office. Many of our best ideas tend to come to us when we’re listening to our favorite music or just enjoying the rhythm of the road.
These are just a few of the ways we’re making our commutes as productive as possible. Like Vibe Concepts on Facebook to receive more of our best tips for proactively achieving professional growth.