Networking and Public Speaking Go Hand-in-Hand
Nov 9

Networking and Public Speaking Go Hand-in-Hand


We’re big believers in the value of a strong professional network around the Vibe Concepts office. Having access to advice from like-minded people is one of the keys to lasting success. People skills are of course essential when adding contacts, as is public speaking prowess. We offer hands-on training so that our team members can effectively and confidently present themselves in all settings.

Traveling to conferences and other industry events helps our brand experts improve their networking skills. Even if they aren’t giving speeches, we encourage our people to keep a few public speaking strategies in mind as they add valuable contacts.

One of the most important things to remember is that being nervous is normal. Research and practice help turn anyone into a more confident networker. By looking potential contacts up on LinkedIn, our team members equip themselves with background info and icebreakers that make a world of difference. Just as when giving a speech, knowing your audience really matters when networking.

When delivering speeches, we’re sure to let our Vibe Concepts personalities shine through. The same is true for our contacting efforts, during which we allow our senses of humor and storytelling skills to do the work for us. We focus on building genuine relationships with people rather than focusing only on what we can gain.

We’re committed to expanding our networks at every opportunity. Get more of our best tips for adding helpful contacts by following Vibe Concepts on Twitter.