The Lasting Value of Leadership Events
Aug 24

The Lasting Value of Leadership Events


We believe in sending members of Team Vibe Concepts to a wide range of industry events. These functions offer uniquely rewarding lessons on how to become a successful business leader. Even better, these messages are often shared by the most influential people in our industry who know what it takes. Andrew, our firm’s President, stated, “Hands-on training is the best way to help team members develop confidence, so we’re always exploring new travel options.”

Select individuals from our team are frequently chosen to attend quarterly networking conferences, which might take place here in Dallas or any number of cities around the country. Andrew noted, “When our sales and marketing managers head out to networking events, they get a feel for how top performers in other markets achieve winning results. With the insights they gain, our people come back to the Vibe Concepts office ready to streamline their efforts.”

We have a supportive team culture that helps us reach our loftiest company goals. Friendly office competitions are major elements of the winning atmosphere we’ve created. These contests are great for winning bragging rights, but they also put all kinds of travel incentives up for grabs. “Our workspace really comes alive when there’s a big conference or retreat on the line,” Andrew explained. “Although our team members are competing for the same prizes, they also encourage each other to do their best in the process.”

Our people have many chances to refine their leadership skills at big industry gatherings. Follow Vibe Concepts onTwitter for updates on all our travel events.