Kicking Off 2019 With a Networking Conference
Jan 11

Kicking Off 2019 With a Networking Conference


Developing strong connections is vital to any professional who wants to advance his or her career. That’s what we’ve learned around the Vibe Concepts office, and it’s why we offer ample possibilities for meeting movers and shakers in our local market and from across our industry. Our next big networking event will take select team members to Dallas for the quarterly networking conference in January.

This gathering of the best and brightest will be the ideal way to kick off another year of company growth and new connections. Those who attend will receive hands-on training in the latest marketing trends and share best practices with all kinds of high achievers. The new contacts made in Dallas will benefit our top performers and Vibe Concepts as a whole throughout 2019.

We also get to build stronger connections with each other when we venture away from the home office as a team. Going to industry conferences, exotic retreats, and other fun getaways allows us to see our colleagues in different lights. When we’re back on the job, we think back to the good times we had on the road and the positive traits we discovered along the way. Our teamwork always seems to be even more inspired after we come back from a team excursion.

We’re excited to find out who will be making the trip to Dallas in January. Follow Vibe Concepts on Twitter for updates on this and all our 2019 team travel events.