Why and How We Focus on Public Speaking Skills
Aug 10

Why and How We Focus on Public Speaking Skills


Business people are required to speak in public for many reasons, including making helpful connections and tightening bonds with business partners. Around the Vibe Concepts office, we place high value on training programs that sharpen our people’s presentation skills.

Andrew, our firm’s President, stated, “Being a strong speaker has many advantages, such as higher confidence levels and chances to champion causes about which you’re passionate. These skills are especially important when it comes to networking, because it’s easier to communicate the unique talents and traits you can bring to a relationship. When our team members speak at industry events, they also increase their chances of making meaningful connections with audience members.”

When it comes to enhancing our public speaking skills, there are a couple of key concepts we keep in mind. First of all, we remember that there’s no substitute for practice. For both elevator pitches and long speeches, we rehearse with other members of Team Vibe Concepts to make sure our remarks are as concise and powerful as possible.

We also remind ourselves that knowing our audiences is an essential element of any successful speech. Before any networking event or speaking engagement, we do research on the people we might meet through LinkedIn. It’s nice to have some background info when we want to make strong impressions.

Our public speaking prowess pays off in many career-boosting ways. Check out the Vibe Concepts Newswirefor more of our best tips for becoming a stronger speaker.