We’re Expanding Our Team of Innovators
Sep 14

We’re Expanding Our Team of Innovators


As we continue to push past our Vibe Concepts growth goals, it’s time for us to find outstanding people to expand our team. We’re looking for motivated pros who stand out from the crowd. Andrew, our firm’s President, explained, “If you want something beyond the typical job and have a strong desire to learn, we’re the ideal destination for you.”

Professionalism is one of the primary points of emphasis as our leaders evaluate potential hires. Andrew stated, “This goes further than simply dressing for success; it’s about the way people carry themselves. We seek candidates who project confidence through their words and body language. Open postures and concise, specific examples of past success tend to stick with us as we meet with jobseekers.”

As we bring new team members on board, we encourage them to take ownership of their careers. Having set goals for the future is essential, so we trust our people to put clear objectives in place and to make adjustments as needed.

We also train our newest branding experts in the art of networking. “Having contacts that can help you advance in your career is a great feeling,” Andrew added. “Interacting with people from other markets who use different approaches to excel is also an eye-opening experience, because it gives members of Team Vibe Concepts ideas for refining their daily methods.”

There’s a buzz around our office as we prepare to grow our team. Follow Vibe Concepts on Twitter for updates on our hiring initiative.