Creating a Culture of Camaraderie Is a Top Priority
Oct 26

Creating a Culture of Camaraderie Is a Top Priority


The root of our success is our team-oriented Vibe Concepts culture. Collaboration is so important to our operation, in fact, that we look for ways to encourage team-building outside the office as well as in. If team members have strong relationships outside of work, they will bring those connections with them and use them to motivate one another.

One way we bond with our colleagues is by meeting up for brunch before beginning our day. This gives us a chance to touch base and make sure everyone’s daily goals are in place, and that personal aims line up with our Vibe Concepts objectives. These brunch meetings are especially valuable for anyone who is new to the team, because they allow us to give them the extra support and inspiration they need to finish the training period strong. And on top of all that, who wants to go to work on an empty stomach?

We also create camaraderie through our frequent team nights. These excursions might include bowling, laser tag, or dinner together. Whatever activity we do, we always have a lot of fun. More importantly, it’s another opportunity for us to get to know one another outside of our professional roles and connect as people, not just peers.

Keeping team spirit alive is one of our firm’s top priorities. Learn more about our culture by following Vibe Concepts on Twitter.