We’re Committed to a Cohesive Team Culture
Mar 8

We’re Committed to a Cohesive Team Culture


Maintaining a healthy work culture has always been a top priority around the Vibe Concepts office. We emphasize working together cohesively, so it’s essential that we invest in strong team bonds. Getting away from the office as a group is one of the primary ways we ensure an inspiring atmosphere. Our shared experiences outside of our work roles fuel stronger collaboration on the job.

Team dinners and game nights are two of our favorite types of group outings. We’re better equipped to communicate and solve everyday workplace issues the more we come together in relaxed settings. The fact that we frequently compete with our colleagues is also important, because we inspire each other to perform at our best. We get to see positive traits we may not see around the office during these activities. When we come back to work, we’re freshly inspired to combine our unique talents.

Highlighting our Vibe Concepts victories is another key driver of our supportive work culture. We believe in the power of recognition when it comes to keeping team members motivated. Every new milestone one of our brand experts reaches is worthy of a celebration. Marking even the small wins is a great way to build momentum toward bigger ones. Weekly challenges give us plenty of chances to highlight our top performers and keep morale high.

We thrive as a company by maintaining a positive work culture. Follow Vibe Concepts on Twitter for regular updates on our team accomplishments.