How We’re Building a Healthy Work Culture
Jul 13

How We’re Building a Healthy Work Culture


Maintaining a healthy work culture has always been a top priority here in the Vibe Concepts office. We have a hard-working team. Together, we collaborate and innovate to ensure our on-site marketing solutions deliver results that outpace the competition. To achieve success, we invest in creating strong team bonds and nurturing an environment in which everyone feels their contributions are valued. Here’s what we do to fulfill this objective.

“When our team members work cohesively, everything seems to fall into place,” said Andrew, Vibe Concepts’ President. “The office morale increases. People are better equipped to solve issues and complete tasks together. Solid workplace relationships lead to high job satisfaction. A happy team is a producing team.”

To build on our in-office camaraderie, we enjoy frequent team nights. “These evenings are meant to be fun for everyone,” Andrew explained. “We might go to one of our favorite restaurants for a nice meal and great conversation. Other times, we let our competitive sides loose. We play games or participate in a sports-like activity. When everyone is laughing and having a good time, it rejuvenates us. As a result, this positively impacts our office environment.”

In addition to these group events, we also believe in the power of recognition. “We have weekly challenges for which people can beat their personal bests,” Andrew noted. “Celebrations are important. When individuals hit milestones and receive promotions, they get to be in the spotlight. We like to revel in each other’s wins.”

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